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Dear jobseekers,

Finding a job is hard, especially in these time, even though you are awesome! Let us boost your confidence with our stories. Join us online on Thursday 26.11. from 4.30 pm to 6 pm.

We all know that looking for a job takes a lot of work. Sometimes we wonder if there’s something wrong since we are not landing our dream job, or any job, even though we would be great employees. Recruitment policies vary, you never know what the company is looking for, who is the competition, etc. The list of variants is endless. Except for you. YOU are the key.

Come get your confidence boost from our lovely speakers’ shared stories and experiences. Tanja Malo, Mina Kostova and Vivian Maar will share their experiences and tips on staying positive and confident, learning your true worth and building on that to land a job. You need to believe that you are right for the job and for your life. We’ll give you the boost to get there!

Our speakers have versatile backgrounds in job search, recruitment and boosting self confidence. Vivian Maar is an empowerment coach and host of the Girls Get Powerful Youtube channel. She will talk about strengthening your self-worth and compassion towards yourself, and tips on how to handle our inner critic. Vivian brings in the NLP perspective and talks about our mind relates to the job seeking experience.

Mina Kostova is a brain-based coach and a soft skills trainer who believes that change comes from within, and it is a personal choice, but it is inevitable. In this sense, the best way to support others is to facilitate their self-directed learning process and help them to do the job. Mina believes that self-confidence can be trained like a muscle, and as much we train it as stronger it becomes. Here comes a few tips on how you can keep yours fit. 

Tanja Malo is an international HR professional who is passionate about helping others to succeed in their careers. She is an enthusiastic thinker looking for solutions for more accepting working culture and gladly sharing her experiences to empower others. She will talk about confidence, finding ways to decrease tension and anxiety related to job search, and share some tips for practicing these skills. Your hostess Kirsi Korhonen will make sure your questions are addressed and we don’t experience technical hitches.

The event is free of charge and open to all. It will be in English. The event will not be recorded to ensure for a safe and comfortable environment for sharing personal experiences.

Sign-up for the event through EventBrite. We will send you a link and instructions on how to enter the meeting before the event.

Any questions on the webinar can be directed to

You are most warmly welcome!

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