International Fox Agency offers diverse training to facilitate internationalization in your organization and individuals. Read about our trainings below and contact us for further details!

All trainings use expert presentations, social activities and practical examples. Discussion and sharing experiences is encouraged. The training sessions can be conducted in Finnish or English.

International Recruitment

The training can include an overview of the international job market or talent pool, information on the recruitment and hiring of international talent, relocation to Finland and induction to work as well as other specifics of international recruitment.

The training will add to the participants knowledge of international HR and recruitment and will help to make the process smoother from start to finish.

Finnish Working Culture

Our focus in this training is Finnish working culture, which we will portray and discuss with examples and shared experiences. The training discusses Finnish leadership, working and communication styles, combining working life and freetime as well as personal experiences of working in Finland. The training can include a guest speaker.

The training helps to understand Finnish colleagues and working life, and eases working in Finland.

Finnish History and Language

The training introduces important points in Finnish history and language, and their influence on the present and culture. The training pays attention to characteristics of Finnish culture that are linked to our history and language.

The training will help to understand Finnish history and present as well as the mentality and behavior of the people, and ease settling-in and enjoying Finland.

Finnish Manners and Habits

The training presents and discusses Finnish cultural habits and manners by examples from everyday life and festivities etc. The training considers Finnish communication and interpersonal behavior reflecting on commonalities and differences with other cultures.

The training helps to understand Finnish habits related to everyday life and celebrations, and eases settling-in and enjoying Finland.

Lewis Model of Culture

Kirsi Korhonen is a licensed trainer for the Richard Lewis Model of Culture. The model discusses interpersonal communication and behavior through three categories, Linear, Multiactive and Reactive. This training introduces the model, categories and intercultural communication in general. It explains the differences between the communication styles in practical terms, and can also be used to describe cultures.

The training can focus on a certain country’s cultural models, e.g. Finland. That country’s cultural characteristics affecting especially communication are covered in more detail. The topics covered include working culture, leadership style, concept of time, interpersonal communication, taboos etc.

The training will help to understand different communication styles and cultures in relation to others.

Culture Active Personal Profiles and Tool

Culture Active is an online tool that uses Lewis’ Model of Culture to form personal individual profiles for each training participant. The profile will help the participants to learn more about themselves and their communication style. They can compare their profiles with cultural profiles, fo instance to learn more about a culture they will be living in or working with.

The training can cover an analysis of the personal or group profile(s), country profile(s), and the tool’s functionalities like quizzes. This training also gives 12-month access to the Culture Active tool.

The training will help to understand one’s personal communication style and behaviour, as well as the communication style and behaviour of others, and gives information on the culture, communication styles and other details of dozens of countries.

The trainings can be combined according to your wishes. All trainings are tailored to ensure suitability.

The length of the trainings vary. A recommendable minimum training session lasts half a day. Covering all topics lasts two full working days.

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