Traineeship position 

UPDATE: The application period has closed. Many thanks to everyone who applied for the traineeship position. You will hear from us by email soon.

International Fox Agency is female-led consultancy and training company supporting its clients and the Talent Boost network in e.g. international talent attraction, recruitment, and retention. We are now looking for a trainee to join our team. The position is part-time (50%) for six (6) months starting as soon as possible, and the applicant is expected to be eligible for a pay subsidy e.g. through their university, city, or the TE services. 

Founded in 2018, IFA’s mission from the beginning has been to help SMEs and other organisations realize the potential of internationalisation, diversity, and international talent, and create useful solutions to support hiring international talent and creating a well-being working community. IFA’s founders Kirsi Korhonen and Tanja Malo are experienced professionals in international affairs, global mobility, DEIB, and HR, contributing to several actions in multiple networks. IFA’s services include digital tools PocketRelo and HRocketRelo, workshops, training, guidance, instructional material, etc. 

IFA offers an interesting insight into the international HR and Talent Boost scene through its founders, activities, and large network. We actively participate in the discussion on international talent attraction and retention, and create solutions e.g. for supporting organisations in employing, onboarding, and retaining international talent. We work closely with e.g. many companies, the public sector, NGOs, and individual DEIB experts. Examples of recent projects include the nationally distributed International Recruitment Guide, the Pirkanmaa International League for SME’s, and workshops and training on leading a diverse workplace and in international recruitment. IFA is also an active member of several networks and the startup ecosystem. We expect to do similar work in 2023, and have the trainee be actively engaged in most or all our activities. 

The trainee will help us market, develop, and deliver our services as well as manage administrative tasks. The work will include communicating and working with our networks and clients on e.g. IFA’s services and ongoing or future projects. It will also include following current affairs and projects and checking tender requests related to Talent Boost, international HR and recruitment, DEIB, immigration, etc. Handling the tasks will require good English skills (esp. writing and reading) and some Finnish skills (esp. reading), e.g. A2 on the CERF Global Scale. It would be good if the trainee could read written Finnish and/or use online translation tools, at least. Other languages might come in handy too.

The trainee also needs good skills in using general work related computer programs and social media platforms. In addition, the trainee should have good social and networking skills, be flexible, independent, solution oriented, and have an eye for detail. Most importantly, our trainee should be interested in learning more about international HR, talent attraction and retention, and all levels of growth through internationalisation, diversity, and inclusion. 

We have several ongoing projects and are looking for someone to fill this part-time position as soon as possible. Applicants are expected to be eligible for a pay subsidy e.g. through their university, city, or the TE services. In addition to ensuring that the position will fit the requirements of a pay subsidy, IFA will pay salary on top of the pay subsidy. Due to the rules on local pay subsidies and possible additional employer obligations, we cannot accept applications from abroad, meaning that the trainee will have to live and work in Finland during the traineeship. 

The working hours will be approximately 18 hours a week and the salary is €1,331/month at minimum. We will provide the necessary equipment such as a laptop, online tools, and required insurances, as well as managerial and collegial support throughout the traineeship in anything and everything necessary. We will tailor your induction based on your skills and needs, e.g. if are new to working in Finland or within this field. We want to make sure you enjoy working with us and learn as much as possible. Since we are still a relatively small business we do not yet have a physical office. Thus you are welcome to work e.g. from home within Finland. We will have regular meetings in Helsinki and be in close contact with each other during the traineeship. You can expect to attend relevant events within Finland, at least. IFA will cover possible participation and travel costs.  

We welcome applicants from all backgrounds and offer a welcoming and inclusive working environment. All qualified applicants will be considered without regard to e.g. race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability. We make our hiring decisions based on qualifications, merit, and business needs at the time. Our work and networks concentrate on people, connections, and achieving common goals such as increasing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in collaboration with our clients and partners. We look forward to the added benefits of this traineeship with regards to our work and networks in partnership with the trainee. 

If you are interested in the position, please send us your CV and video application as soon as possible or at the latest by 6.3.2023 to In your video application, please let us know why this traineeship interests you, what you hope to gain through it, and what we could expect from you as our trainee. Also, please indicate whether or not you are entitled to some kind of pay subsidy in your CV. We will start interviewing as soon as we find interesting applicants as our hope is that the traineeship would start as soon as possible.  

Should you have questions about the position, you can email us at Please note that due to our busy schedule it can be difficult to reach us over the phone so we prefer to be contacted by email. IFA will strive to keep all applicants updated on the process as it advances.  You can learn more about IFA on our website and through our social media channels (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter). 

Thank you and have a nice day! 

Kirsi & Tanja